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Quick Bridging Finance for Sunny Spanish Holiday Home

When they’ve seen the holiday property they want to buy, clients usually have to act quickly. Bridging finance is the mechanism which can secure a purchase until a property sale can be completed.

The Scenario

Our clients each owned their own properties in Devon – he in Barnstaple, she in Westward Ho! But now they’d seen the perfect holiday home they wanted to buy together in Spain. Back home from putting down their deposit in Murcia they had to get one of their properties sold – and rápidamente.

They needed to get the balance to be paid into an account in Spain in 10 day’s time.

The Solution

Our first solution hit the buffers when the lender’s inspection of the Barnstaple property revealed that it was only single-skin construction: a build type they’re not prepared to lend on.

Having lost a valuable couple of days, we focused on the Westward Ho! property, and approached a lender who does quick online valuations.

Job done: deal completed in eight days, leaving time for the foreign exchange transfer to go through.

Bridging loan calculator

Bridging Loans Calculator

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